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Study in Canada : Top Universities, Apply, Admission and Visa Processing

Canada is one of the finest country in North America. It is one of the Developed country in the world. It is a fantastic place for higher education. Students all over the world are willing to study in this country, because the education

system in this country are different from the other countries. There are two organization who controls the whole education system in Canada. Those are Association of Universities and college of Canada (AUCC). In among this association there are 9 universities. After completing the study , there are many chance to get job and settle here.

Type of education:

There are three types of education degree in Canada , those are undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate. Here a students can study both half time and full time. Besides this studies you have the opportunity to join in co-operative education, distant learning, contuning education. Moreover, there are so many facilities for students.

Media of study:

In Canada both the English and French are the official language. For that all university follow this language. It’s your choice which language you want to study. For that you have to inform the university authority before. If you study in English then you will need more than 5-6 score in IELTS. On the other hand if you studies in French language then you have to pass the laboratory exam.

Subject of studies:

There are 10 thousands subjects in undergraduate in most of the Canadian university. On them education, business administration, economics, history, religion, English, law , ICT are most demanding.

Living Cost:

In Canada the living cost are different in different states. But for undergraduate students in a 3-4 years course, your cost will be more than 5-8 lacs. And for post graduate students the duration of the course is 1-2 years. Where the cost will be more than 6-10 lacs. Here the life styles are different in different states.

Work with study:

In Canada you have the opportunity to work with the study. For that you will need a work permit. In Canada you have the opportunity to work in the university. For that you won’t need any amount from your home.

Apply, admission and visa processing:

If you want to study in Canada, first of all you have to select in which university you want to study, that’s why you have to select in which subject you need to study. And if you want to get admitted in undergraduate course, then you have to submit some papers to the register of that college. After that you will need offer letter, financial stability paper, visa paper, study permit. For collecting study permit you will need at least 7-13 thousand taka.


It’s really expensive to study in Canada. That’s why you will need some scholarship. For that you will have to go to some institution who gave scholarship in different countries.

Most demandable university in Canada:

University in Ottawa

University of Toronto

University of Victoria

University of Alberta

University of Rivers University

University of Guelph

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